Friday, October 29, 2010


This engraving shows Debret in the early nineteenth century one of the ways in which the slave was punished. In the main image we see a white foreman whipping a black slave. The slave is tied up and with folded arms and legs with a stick. This method was used until recently, the late 80's by the Brazilian police to extract confessions from suspects. It's called stick-to-rail.

When police went into this method had already been abolished, so much that I never saw anyone being tortured this way. Just heard several stories from the ancients. Infringe physical suffering or threat to do it has always been a practice adopted to strike fear in humanity, respect and submission. That is why I am in favor of physical punishment as a penalty method to make some Eastern countries, particularly Muslim nations based on Sharia law. I know that my beliefs are unpopular and are not intended for me to apply myself to any crib like lamb. But I'm smart enough not to enforce my beliefs in my work, otherwise I would have tidied confusion in internal affairs and at worst in the assumptions would be arrested and expelled from the police for the heinous crimes of TORTURE.

It is obvious that the scenes painting Debret are reprehensible. I do not know what these slaves did, but who enslaves the next based only on the concept of ethnicity is that it should go to the stick-to-rail. The worst that these cretins did not beat us black people, they send black lash them was black as seen in the background image. I believe that many slaves who whipped his brethren suffered more in your awareness of what caught suffered in his flesh.

I imagine the mood of the black stick-to-macaw, and the other tied to the tree. Besides suffering as a slave with no expectation of any progress in life, they still had to endure terrible humiliation like this. Imagine you tied up and taking blows on the back before his wife and children, besides the condition of a slave??

Frankly I'm happy when I see some black people in my circle of acquaintances are in better social position. It took centuries of suffering for belonging to an ethnic group of slaves, poor and bandits. Every black man who wins in life should be an example of equality among human beings regardless of color of their skin.

These days I did an intensive course of 40 days of his police career and one of my teachers was delegated Cunha, a black bluebird with several courses for SWAT. An hour ago before publishing this post Investigator Reginald (black-bluebird) also suspects brought to my room to be questioned and I like to see blacks in the police, because it inhibits those who are predisposed to racism. So, I never saw any bad guys to take "tough" being humiliated by a policeman with words like "black bastard", "black son of a ...." pimps or other terms with racial content.

Racism is as FMD, we never had in our herd, but we must never stop applying vaccine repudiating any form of racial humiliation that never in the HISTORY OF BRAZIL, a black man is beaten in the street simply by ethnicity and the color of their skin.

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